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South Africa

Next elections due

National Assembly & Provincial Legislatures: 2014; President: 2014 (elected by each new parliament)
Local government: 2016 (may be held early, concurrent with 2014 elections)

2011 Local government election


Candidates by province and gender
Candidates by party
Local elections ward delimitation and seat allocation 2000-2011
2011 Local elections metropolitan seat allocations

Voter education booklet [PDF document], developed by Jacana Media, the IEC and EISA.

Good Governance Learning Network 2011 Recognising Community voice and dissatisfaction: A Civil Society Perspective on Local Governance in South Africa [PDF document].

Election time table

18 May 2011 Election Day
15 April - 17 May 2011 Special Votes
12 April 2011 Publication of contesting parties and candidates
25 March 2011 Close of nominations
18 March 2011 Publication of voters' roll
10 March 2011 Voters' roll closes
Detailed timetable: [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 14 Mar 2011).

2009 National Assembly and Provincial Legislature elections

EISA documents

Final report
EISA Observer Mission: Interim Statement
EISA Observer Mission: Launch Statement
Election Updates [PDF document]
Alan Wall 2010 "South Africa" IN Astrid Evrensel (ed) Voter Registration in Africa: A Comparative Analysis [PDF document], EISA, 317-354.


National Assembly
Provincial legislatures
Election Observer Missions
Voter registration
Voter registration - proportion of women to men by province
Parties participating in the 2009 elections
Expatriate voting
Election calendar