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Pre-Election Assessment Mission Report cover

2014 Presidential, Parliamentary & Local

Election day: 20 May 2014

EISA document

Pre-Election Assessment Mission Report, May 2014.


Presidential results
National Assembly results
List of MPs elected by party and gender
MEC & MHRC press release on results management, 22 May 2014
Election observer mission statements


Chijere Chirwa and Nandini Patel 2014 "Election Situation Room: Analysis of the 2014 Tripartite Elections in Malawi", [www] (accessd 26 May 2015).

2009 Presidential & National Assembly elections

EISA documents

Obsever Mission Report [PDF document]
Obsever Mission Interim Statement
Obsever Mission arrival statement
Obsever Mission launch statement
Technical training for the Malawi Electoral Commission
Alan Wall 2010 " Malawi" IN Astrid Evrensel (ed) Voter Registration in Africa: A Comparative Analysis [PDF document], EISA, 172-198.

Election Resources

Presidential election results
National Assembly seat distribution by party and gender
Presidential candidates
Active registered parties
Observer missions and statements
Voter registration
Election calendar

Election calendar

Election day: 19 May 2009
Inspection of voters roll: 30 Mar-3 Apr 2009
Campaign period: 17 Mar-17 May 2009
Presidential candidate nominations: 6-7 Jan 2009
National Assembly candidate nominations: 5-9 Jan 2009
Voter registration: Originally 2 Jun 2008-14th Sep 2008; extended to 9 Nov 2008.

2004 Presidential & National Assembly elections

EISA documents

EISA electoral observer mission report [PDF]
EISA observer mission press release

Malawi Election Updates 2004

Election Resources

Presidential elections results
National Assembly elections results
Observer Missions and statements

GLOPPEN, S, KANYONGOLO, E, KHEMBO, N, PATEL, N, RAKNER, L SVÅSAND, L, TOSTENSEN, A & BAKKEN, M 2006 The Institutional Context of the 2004 General Elections in Malawi, Chr Michelsen Institute, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 15 May 2009).

2000 Local government election

POTTIE, D 2000 Voter apathy hits local elections, EISA.

1999 Presidential and National Assembly elections

1999 Elections (1998-1999)
Presidential results
National Assembly results
Summary of the ECF Report on the 1999 elections

1994 Presidential & National Assembly elections

Campaigning for MultiParty Elections (1993-1994)
Presidential election results
National Assembly election results
May 1994 Elections: A Watershed (1994-1998)

1993 Referendum

Pressures for a MultiParty System (1992)
Run Up to the Referendum (1992-1993)

1966-1994 One-party state

Era of One Party Rule (1964-1992)

1964 Legislative Assembly election

Pre-independence election of 1964
1964 Legislative Assembly election results

1962 Local government election

1962 Local government election

1961 Legislative Council election

Pre-independence election of 1961
1961 Legislative Council election results