Mali: Constitution

Updated June 2013

CONSTITUTION Adopted by referendum on 12 January 1992 and promulgated on the 25 February 1992; amended 1999
FORM OF STATE Democratic, secular, social Republic[1]
HEAD OF STATE President is Head of State and presides over preside over the Council of Ministers; elected for a five year term, renewable once, by an absolute majority through direct universal suffrage[2]
EXECUTIVE The cabinet, which determines and directs the political institutions of the Nation, the armed forces and is answerable to the National Assembly which may force its resignation by a two-thirds majority vote of no confidence; it is headed by a Prime Minister appointed by the President and the members of the Cabinet are appointed or dismissed by the President on the Prime Minister's advice[3]
LEGISLATURE Unicameral parliament, the National Assembly, whose members are elected for five years by direct universal suffrage in a manner determined by law; President after consultation with Prime Minister and Speaker, may dissolve the National Assembly, but elections must be held within 40 days[4].
JUDICIARY Consists of Supreme Court and other Courts and Tribunals, including Constitutional Court and High Court of Justice[5]. President and Vice-President of Supreme Court are appointed by national President as nominated by High Council of the Judiciary[6]. The Constitutional Court's nine members amade up of 3 nominated by President of the Republic, 3 nominated by Speaker and 3 nominated by High Council of the Judiciary[7]. Members of High Court of Justice (to judge the President of the Republic and Ministers upon accusation by the National Assembly) composed of members designated by the National Assembly[8].
AMENDMENT In general amendments require the votes of two-thirds of all the members of the National Assembly and the ratification of the electorate in a referendum; no amendement may compromise the integrity of the Republic's territory, its republican form, the secularity of the State or multiparty democraty[9]
DEMOCRACY PROTECTION AGENCIES There are no democracy protection agencies established by the Constitution

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