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EISA-Mozambique Field Office
EISA's Mozambique election observation reports and statements

Next elections due

Presidential, Assembly of the Republic & Provincial Assemblies: 15 Oct 2014
Local government: 2018

2018 Mozambique Municipal elections

Election day: 10 Oct 2018
Voter registration: 19 Mar - 19 May 2018

EISA voter registration assessment

2018 Mozambique Municipal elections: International voter registration assessment team

Related material

ANTONIO, V UNDATED "Local government reform in Mozambique", SADC Regional Information Centre, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 19 Jan 2010).



Mozambique flag

Legal framework

Mozambique coat of arms


Political Process Bulletins

AWEPA's Mozambique Political Process Bulletin, a regular update of political events in Mozambique, is available on the Internet in English and Portuguese [opens new window] (accessed 22 Feb 2010).