20th Anniversary occasional paper series
20th Anniversary occasional paper series

These papers were written for and presented at EISA's 20th Anniversary Symposium which took place on 20 and 21 October 2016. The theme of the symposium was: Current Democratic Realities in Africa: Where Are We Headed beyond the Vote? The Symposium focused on the continent's democratic triumphs - those elements pulling States closer to democratic consolidation - while also acknowledging the democratic shortfalls - pushing African States backwards. In reviewing progress and challenges confronting the continent, the Symposium provided a platform for democracy promotion stakeholders to examine current democratic realities in Africa and where the continent is headed on the current wave of democracy. The Symposium covered a range of topics and provided a platform for democracy-promotion stakeholders to review the progress and challenges recorded at national and regional levels. The annual event also served as a lesson sharing and learning opportunity for democracy-promotion stakeholders as they deliberated on the development of shared culture of best democratic practices.

The conference proceedings report is available at   http://eisa.org.za/pdf/symp2016cp.pdf

  1. "Incumbent Public Theft in New African Democracies: Anomaly or the New Norm?" · Winluck Wahiu
  2. "Upholding Democratic Ideals and the Challenge of Regulating Campaign Finance: Case Study of Austria" · Richard Lappin
  3. "Emerging Trends of Entrenched Incumbency in Africa" · Gilbert M. Khadiagala
  1. "Women's Political Participation in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for Democratic Integrity" · Caroline Hubbard & Claire DeSoi
  2. "IDPs, Diaspora and Refugee Participation" · Ayman Ayoub
  3. "Pathways to Inclusive Electoral Participation of African Citizens with Disabilities" · Michael Svetlik, Rebecca Aaberg & Virginia Atkinson
  1. "Sliding Back or Moving Forward? A Critical Review of the Current State of Democratic Development in Africa" · Tom Lodge
  2. "The Reponse of the African Union to Political Crises on the Continent: Focus on Burkina Faso and Burundi" ·  Khabele Matlosa & Sharon Ndlovu
  3. "Democratic Shortfalls in Mauritius" · Roukaya Kasenally
  1. Joe Hindovei Pemagbi