Botswana: Independent Electoral Commission

Updated November 2018

The Constitution provides for the appointment of an Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) (Constitution of Botswana 1966, Section 65A).


The Botswana Electoral Commission is a 7 person Commission. It comprises a Chairperson, who is a judge of the High Court, a Deputy Chairperson who is a legal practitioner and five members chosen from a list recommended by the All-Party Conference. The Commissioners are appointed by the Judicial Service Commission. The Secretary is appointed by the President (Constitution of Botswana 1966, Section 65A(1)-(4), 66(2)).


The functions of the Commission are to (Constitution of Botswana 1966, Section 65A(12)):

  • Conduct and supervise elections and referenda
  • Ensure that elections are conducted efficiently, properly, freely and fairly;
  • Direct and supervise the work of the Secretary of the Commission


Apart from the functions established by law, the IEC has set itself the following goals (IEC UNDATED):

  • To establish an effective voting mechanism;
  • To ensure that voters are motivated to vote, informed about how to vote and are officially registered to vote;
  • To facilitate the creation of a political climate in which political parties can freely communicate their messages to the electorate without interference or intimidation for the latter to make informed choice of their political leadership; and
  • To conduct civic and voter education.

Term of Office

The term of office of the Commission is the period of two successive terms of Parliament, namely 10 years (Constitution of Botswana 1966, Section 65A(5)).

The Secretary shall vacate his/her post upon reaching 65 years of age, or such other age as may be prescribed by an Act of Parliament (Constitution of Botswana 1966, Section 66(7)).


The following are the members of the IEC:

  • Justice Abednego Tafa (Chair)
  • Omphemetse Motumise (Deputy Chair)
  • Professor Balefi Tsie
  • Reverend Kgolo Felix Mokobi
  • Shaboyo Motsamai
  • Ditlhogo Nelson Mokgethi
  • Alexander Thabo Yalala


Ministry of finance and development planning.


CONSTITUTION OF BOTSWANA 1966, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 10 Mar 2010).

Official website

IEC: [opens new window].