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2015/6 Political transition and Presidential & National Assembly elections

EISA documents

Political transition process: Needs Assessment Mission Report, May 2014.


Presidential election resultsEOM StatementsElection timetable

2011 Presidential and National Assembly elections

EISA: Rapport Mission d' Observation Electorale : Republique Centrafricaine Elections Présidentielles et Législatives, 23 Janvier et 27 Mars 2011

Final presidential resultsNumber of National Assembly candidates by party

EISA documents

Lancement de la mission d'observation de l'EISA second tour des elections legislatives du 27 mars 2011Continental Election Observer Mission to the Parliamentary Runoff in CARDéclaration préliminaire [PDF document], 25 Jan 2011Communiqué de Presse  ·  Press release, 21 Jan 2011EISA Election Observer Mission Launch statementVoter Registration Observer MissionElection Update #1: July 2010 [PDF document]Pre-election assessment mission  ·  Mission d'évaluation préélectorale [PDF document]

Other election obnserver mission statements

La Francophonie "Communique de la mission d'observation", 25 janvier 2011, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 15 Feb 2011).

Pre election reports and analyses

MEHLER, A 2009 "Reshaping Political Space? The Impact of the Armed Insurgency in the Central African Republic on Political Parties and Representation", GIGA Research Programme: Violence and Security Working paper No 116, December, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 20 Oct 2010). PNUD 2008 Rapport national sur le développement humain République centrafricaine, Juillet, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 20 Oct 2010). UNHCR 2005 Fiche pays Republique centrafricaine, January, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 20 Oct 2010).

2005 Presidential and National Assembly elections

Presidential election resultsNational Assembly election results

Assistance and observer mission

PNUD UNDATED "Spécial Elections Présidentielles et Legislatives 2005" [www] [opens new window] (accessed 19 Oct 2010).LA FRANCOPHONIE Rapport de la mission d'observation des elections presidentielle et legislatives des 13 mars et 8 mai 2005 en Republique centrafricaine, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 19 Oct 2010).

2004 Constitutional referendum

Referendum results

Military government (2003-2005)

Fall of PatasséFrançois Bozizé's regime (2003-2005)

1999 Presidential election

Election results

Observer mission report

FRANCOPHONIE 1999 Rapport de la Mission d'Observation des Élections Présidentielles du 19 septembre 1999, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 20 Oct 2010).

1998 National Assembly election

Election results

1994 Constitutional referendum

Referendum results

1993 Presidential and National Assembly elections

Presidential resultsNational Assembly results

Observer mission report

FRANCOPHONIE 1993 Rapport de la Mission Exploratoire en vue des Élections Présidentielles et Législatives du 22 août 1993, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 20 Oct 2010).

One party state (1960-1993)

One party and military rule (1960-1993)1981 Constitutional referendum1981 Presidential election results

Pre independence election

1959 Legislative Assembly elections