Announcement of results

Updated May 2010

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Country Procedure
ANGOLA By the Provincial Electoral Commission within four days of election day through media and by posting at provincial government's offices. Results and documentation forwarded to CNE. The CNE decides on challenges to validity of votes, tabulates results from provinces and send copies to President, President of the Constitutional Court and to candidates; results published within 72 hours in Diary of the Republic
BOTSWANA Returning officer declares results at counting station, forwards result to Secretary and documentation to Registrar of High Court. Chairperson of IEC announces results. No time frame for announcement specified
DRC Presiding officer posts results outside polling station and transmits to compilation centre. Compilation centre checks and aggregates, transmits to CEI for ratification; posted outside the compilation centre after ratification. CEI hears disputes and complaints and aggregates national elections and announces provisional results. Provisional results submitted to relevant court for confirmation
LESOTHO Presiding Officer announces results inside and outside polling station, sends to returning officer, gives copies to candidates or agents. Returning officer verifies and declares results inside and outside office, gives copies to candidates or agents, posts results publicly and sends to Director. IEC determines and declares constituency results and allocates compensatory seats within seven days of election day, publishes the results in Gazette and informs Speaker
MADAGASCAR President of polling station announces results, posts outside the polling station, forwarded to compilation centre. Compilation centre checks, aggregates, publicly announces provision results. HCC verifies results, adjudicates disputes, anounces official results
MALAWI Presiding Officer gives results to party agents, posts at polling station, forwards to Returning Officer. Returning Officer summates in presence of party agents, publicly announces each constituency, sends to MEC. MEC determines and publishes national results
MAURITIUS Returning Officer compiles results and declares publicly, submits to Electoral Commissioner
MOZAMBIQUE President of polling station announces results, gives to candidates or agents, transmits to CNE via city/district electoral commission and provincial commission. CNE verifies and announces provisional results, transmits to President of the Constitutional Court. Court validates and proclaims final results, must be made public within 15 days after polls close
NAMIBIA Presiding officer announces the results and posts copy at the polling station. ECN Chairperson announces final presidential results. Director of Elections announces final National Assembly results and party seat allocations. Results published in Gazette
SEYCHELLES Electoral Officer transmits results to Commissioner. Commissioner declares results, ensures publication in Gazette
SOUTH AFRICA Counting officer/presiding officer announces result at voting/counting station to public and agents present and informs IEC. IEC determines and declares result within seven days
SWAZILAND Returning officer announces results publicly, forwards to Elections and Boundaries Commission. Elections and Boundaries Commission announces result at national level and publishes in Gazette
TANZANIA Presiding officer announces results, gives to candidates or agents, transmits to returning officer. Returning officer summates results and announces final results publicly, submits to NEC. NEC publishes in Gazette, presidential results are final and cannot be challenged. No time frame specified
ZAMBIA Presiding officer declares provisional results at polling station, transmits to ECZ. ECZ summates, determines final results and declares them. No time frame is specified
ZANZIBAR Presiding officer announces results, gives to candidates or agents, transmits to returning officer. Returning officer summates and announces the final results publicly, submits results to ZEC. ZEC publishes in Gazette. No time frame specified
ZIMBABWE Constituency elections officer announces the result, transmits it to constituency elections officer and posts copy of outside the polling station. In the presence of monitors and observers and the candidates and their election agents the constituency elections officer verifies the returns and adds up the votes and declares the result; the outcome is transmitted to Chief Elections Officer, who publishes it in the Gazette