Codes of conduct governing campaigning

Updated June 2010

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Country Code details
ANGOLA Electoral Code of Conduct of 2005
Established by law, governs the behaviour of participants in electoral processes
Violators may be prosecuted or face legal suites
BOTSWANA No written code of conduct
DRC No information available.
LESOTHO Electoral Code of Conduct of 2001
Established by National Assembly Election (No 1) (Amendment) ACT 2001
Infringements punished by a formal warning, fine, suspension of media access or restrictions on campaign activities
MADAGASCAR There is no Code of Conduct governing campaigning
MALAWI Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections: Political Party Code of Conduct
Issued by the Malawi Electoral Commission as a regulation
Enforced through sanctions such as fines or the disqualification of parties or candidates
MAURITIUS Code of Conduct for the National Assembly Elections, 2010
Issued by Electoral Supervisory Commission
Candidates required to sign form committing themselves to adhere to the Code.
MOZAMBIQUE Code of Conduct
Issued by National Electoral Commission
Registered parties invited to a workshop before an election at which they are required to sign the code
NAMIBIA Code of Conduct for Political Parties of 1994
Issued by Electoral Commission of Namibia after extensive consultation with political parties
Is not legally enforceable
SEYCHELLES Code of conduct: Political parties
Agreed on by the Office of the Electoral Commissioner and registered political parties
Is not legally enforceable
SOUTH AFRICA Electoral Code of Conduct
Established by Electoral Act (1998, Schedule 2)
Party candidate lists submitted must be accompanied by undertaking binding the party, its agents and its candidates to adhere to the provisions of the Code; failure to do so carries the risk of disqualification.
SWAZILAND No written code of conduct. Political parties were banned in 1973, but unbanned by a High Court order on the basis a clause in the new Constitution guaranteeing freedom of association
TANZANIA Code of Ethic for Elections of 2005
Endorsed by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the government and political parties
Not legally enforceable
ZAMBIA Electoral (Conduct) Regulations 2006
Issued as a regulation by the Electoral Commission of Zambia
Contravention carries with it the possibility of a fine or up to a year imprisonment
ZANZIBAR Parties are governed by national law (see "Tanzania" above).
ZIMBABWE Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties
Established by Electoral Act (CHAPTER 2:13) (2004, Fourth Schedule)
No penalties attached to violations