Cost of elections

Updated May 2010

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See also Cost of elections 2000, an extract from 'Multi-party Democracy in Southern Africa' by David Pottie.

Country Election Total cost Per voter
Angola 1992 US$100 million US$22
Botswana 2006 ±$500 million ±US$27.9
1994 US$1 million US$2.7
DRC 2005 US$546 million US$2.5
Lesotho 2002 US$13.5 million US$15
1998 $6 million US$6.9
Malawi 1994 US$8 million US$2.1
Mauritius 2005 US$10.0 million US$ 11.0
1995 US$3.8 million US$ 5.6
Mozambique 2004 US$21.5 million US$6.46
1994 US$64.5 million US$10.2
Namibia 1999 US$0.98-1.15 million US$1.8-2.2
1994 US$1.46 million US$3
Seychelles 1998 US$276 626 US$5.8
South Africa 2004 US$122 million US$7.8
1999 US$117 million US$7.3
1994 US$265 million US$13.5
Tanzania 2000 US$49.6 million US$7.66
1995 US$38 million US$7.88

Non-EISA source

Figures for the DRC were supplied by Flavian Misoni, the Electoral Commission's Director of Operations at an ACE Workshop on the 17 July 2007.