Parliamentary contituency delimitation

Updated July 2010

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Country Notes
ANGOLA Proportional representation system uses existing national and provincial boundaries
BOTSWANA Delimitation Commission (DC)
Demarcation every 5-10 years
57 National Assembly single-member constituencies
DRC Independent Electoral Commission (Commission Electorale Indépendante; CEI)
Demarkation period as yet undefined
500 National Assembly single and multimember constituencies
LESOTHO Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Demarcation every 5-10 years
80 National Assembly single member seats
MADAGASCAR Delimitation determined by presidential decree, no clear or defined criteria
Directly elected from single member plurality and two member proportional representaion constituencies; has 127 seats
MALAWI Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)
Demarcation every 5 years
193 National Assembly single-member constituencies
MAURITIUS Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC)
Delimitation process every 10 years
20 three-member and one two-member National Assembly constituencies
MOZAMBIQUE National Electoral Commission (Comissão Nacional de Eleições; CNE)
Constituency seat allocation every 5 years, based on the proportion of voters registered in each
11 multimember proportional representation constituencies (10 provinces and Maputo) returning 248 MPs; expatriates in Europe and Africa return 1 member each
NAMIBIA Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)
Seat allocation to constituencies made every election in proportion to the number of votes cast
National Assembly has 72 MPs elected on proportional representation based on the 13 regions as constituencies
SEYCHELLES Electoral Commissioner
Boundaries reviewed 3 years before every election
25 single-member constituencies; there must be at least 19 on Mahe, 2 on Praslin and 1 for Inner Islands
SOUTH AFRICA Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Constituency seat allocation every 5 years
9 provinces function as constituencies, return 130 of 200 members of National Assembly. Seats allocation to constituencies based on proportion of population
SWAZILAND Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC)
Demarcation every every 5 years, one year before election
55 single-member House of Assembly constituencies known as tinkundhla
TANZANIA National Election Commission (NEC)
Demarcation every 10 years
232 songle-member National Assembly constituencies
ZAMBIA Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)
Demarcation every 5 years
150 single-member National Assembly constituencies
ZANZIBAR Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC)
Demarcation every 10 years
50 single-member House of Representative constituencies
ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Demarcation every 5 years
210 single-member National Assembly constituencies; 60 single-member Senate constituencies