Parliamentary demarcation authority

Updated July 2010

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Country Authority
ANGOLA Proportional representation system uses existing national and provincial boundaries
BOTSWANA Delimitation Commission (DC)
Appointed by Judicial Service Commission, reports to President
Consists of a chair and up to four other members
DRC Independent Electoral Commission (Commission Electorale Indépendante; CEI)
Not yet constituted, work ratified by Parliament
LESOTHO Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Appointment is made by the King on advice of the Council of State
Chairperson and two other members
MADAGASCAR The delimitation of constituencies and allocation of seats for the National Assembly is determined by presidential decree without any clear or defined criteria
MALAWI Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)
Appointed by Judicial Service Commission and President (see below), work submitted to the National Assembly for confirmation
Chairperson nominated by Judicial Service Commission, 6 others appointed by President
MAURITIUS Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC)
Appointed by President, in consultation with Prime Minister and leader of the opposition
Chair and 2-7 other members
MOZAMBIQUE National Electoral Commission (Comissão Nacional de Eleições; CNE)
5 members designated by parties/coalitions in Assembly of the Republic and 8 members are chosen by the first five from nominees by civil society bodies
NAMIBIA Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)
Appointed by President from shortlist compiled by Selection Committee (judge nominated by Chief Justice, lawyer nominated by Law Society and nominee of Ombudsman)
Chairperson and four Commissioners
SEYCHELLES Electoral Commissioner
Appointed by President from candidates proposed by Constitutional Appointments Authority
SOUTH AFRICA Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Appointed by President on recommendation of National Assembly based on nominations by an inter-party committee
5 members
SWAZILAND Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC)
Appointed by the King; Chair and Deputy-Chair on advice of Judicial Service Commission, 3 members on consultation with ministers responsible for elections and local government; reports to King
5 members
TANZANIA National Election Commission (NEC)
Appointed by President according to complex legal requirements
7 members
ZAMBIA Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)
Appointed by President, subject to ratification by National Assembly
5 members
ZANZIBAR Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC)
Appointed by the President according to complex legal provisions
7 members
ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (EDC)
Chair appointed by the President in consultation with Judicial Service Commission, other members are appointed by President from nominees supplied by Committee on Standing Rules and Orders
7 members, at least 3 must be women