International observers

Updated July 2010

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See also: MATLOASA, K 2006 Election Management and Observation in Southern Africa: A Comparative Review of Existing Norms, Principles and Guidelines for Democratic Elections, EISA Occassional Paper No 40.

Country Regulating law Accredited by Code of conduct
ANGOLA Law 4/2005, 5, 26-30 National Electoral Commission In law
BOTSWANA None Independent Electoral Commission Issued by EMB
DRC Law 06/006 2006, 42-45 Independent Electoral Commission None
LESOTHO National Assembly Election Order 1992, 112G Independent Electoral Commission In law
MADAGASCAR Ordonnance no 2010-003 du 17 mars 2010 portant loi organique relative au Code électoral National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI No data
MALAWI Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act 1993, 107, 109, 110 Malawi Electoral Commission In law
MAURITIUS Representation of the People Act 1968, 77 Electoral Commissioner Issued by EMB
MOZAMBIQUE Law 20/02 2002, 7 National Electoral Commission Issued by EMB
NAMIBIA Electoral Act 24 of 1992 Electoral Commission of Namibia Issued by EMB
SEYCHELLES No data Electoral Commissioner Issued by EMB
SOUTH AFRICA Electoral Act 1998, 84 Independent Electoral Commission Issued by EMB
SWAZILAND None Elections and Boundaries Commission None
TANZANIA Elections Act No 1 1985, 63 National Election Commission Issued by EMB
ZAMBIA Electoral Act 2006, 75-76 Electoral Commission of Zambia Issued by EMB
ZANZIBAR None Zanzibar Electoral Commission None
ZIMBABWE Electoral Act, 14 Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Issued by EMB