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2018 President, legislative & provincial elections

Election day President, legislative & provincial: 30 Dec 2018 (postoned from 23 Dec 2018)

Observer missions

2006 Presidential 2nd Round & Provincial elections

Second round presidential results
International Election Observer Missions

EISA Declaration Post-Electorale  ·  EISA Post Election Statement
EISA Déclaration provisoire  ·  EISA Interim Statement
Communiqué Commun [PDF]
EISA Communiqué  ·  EISA Mission Arrival Statement
EISA Mission Launch

2006 Presidential 1st Round & National Assembly

Elections photo gallery
First round presidential results
National Assembly results
Electoral Observer Missions

EISA Election Observer Mission Report DRC Presidential, Parliamentary and Provincial Elections (30 July 2006 & 29 October 2006) / Mission d'Observation Electorale Rapport Elections Presidentielles, Parlementaires et Provinciales en RDC (30 Juillet 2006 &; 29 Octobre 2006)

Déclaration Préliminaire [PDF]  ·  Interim Statement [PDF]
EISA Mission Interim Press Statement
EISA Observer Mission Arrival statement  ·  Communiqué
EISA Regional Observer Mission to the 2006 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

EISA Election Updates 2006

TSHIYOYO, D 2006 Democratic Republic of Congo: Road to Political Transition [PDF document], EISA Internal Discussion Forum paper.

Denis Kadima votes in 2006

2005 Constitutional referendum

Referendum results

EISA Rapport preliminaire  ·  Interim statement
La mission d'Observation de l'EISA en RDC  ·  EISA Observer Mission to the DRC
Hubert Akumiah 2010 "Democratic Republic of Congo" IN Astrid Evrensel (ed) Voter Registration in Africa: A Comparative Analysis [PDF document], EISA, 67-101.

RENOSEC 2005 Rapport interimaire de la mission d'observation par le RENOSEC du test-pilote de validation du materiel d'identification et d'enrolement des electeurs. [PDF document].
EUROPEAN UNION 2005 Declaration Preliminaire, 21 December, [www] http://www.moeuerdcongo.org/declaration_preliminaire_du_2_aout_2006.html, [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

TSHIYOYO, D 2006 "The Constitutional Referendum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo" IN Conflict trends, 2006/2, [www] http://se1.isn.ch/serviceengine/Files/ISN/104117/ichaptersection_singledocument/1F1B45DF-1727-4F0F-A292-D4AC86121309/en/Chapter5.pdf [opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

The Second Republic

Elections under the Second Republic
Re-Democratisation and the endless transition to the Third Republic
Sun City Inter-Congolese Dialogue Negotiations

KABEMBA, C 2004 Perspectives on the Role of Key Stakeholders in the DRC's Political Transition [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 26.

1965 Elections and the end of the First Republic

Background to the 1965 elections
Electoral Operation of the 1965 elections
Constitutional Crisis between Kasavubu and Tshombe

1960 National Assembly election

May 1960 Elections and the difficult birth of the new state
Election results