Gender issues: Women's representation quotas

Updated May 2008

The following table supplies information on quotas to ensure the better representation of women in elective bodies in Southern African countries.

Links on this page go to pages providing further detail on the subject for that specific country.

Country Legal Party
ANGOLA None Ruling MPLA 30% National Assembly
BOTSWANA None Opposition BNF 30% candidates
Opposition BCP 30% candidates
DRC None Ruling PPRD 30% candidates
Opposition MLC 30% candidates
RCD 30% candidates
LESOTHO 30% local government None
MALAWI None UDF 25% National Assembly
MAURITIUS None MMM 20% candidates all levels
MOZAMBIQUE None Ruling FRELIMO 40% all levels.
NAMIBIA 50% local government Ruling SWAPO 50% candidates all levels
Opposition COD 50% candidates all levels
Opposition NUDO 50% candidates all levels
SOUTH AFRICA 50% local government PR lists (not legally enforceable) Ruling ANC 30% national and provincial, 50% local government
SWAZILAND If women less than 30% of Parliament, then 4 women elected to House of Assembly by House.
50% Senate
Political parties banned
TANZANIA 30% National Assembly
30% House of Representatives (Zanzibar)
33% local government
ZAMBIA None None
ZIMBABWE None ZANU-PF 25% of candidates House of Assembly