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2015 National Assembly election

The election took place on 28 Feb 2015.

EISA Statements


Election results
Observer mission statements
Voter registration statistics
Parties registered in 2015

2012 National Assembly elections


Election results
Women's representation in the National Assembly
Conflict over seat allocation
Election observer missions and reports
Parties contesting the election


2007 National Assembly elections

Election day 17 February 2007.

EISA documents

Observer Mission Report [PDF document]
Observer Mission interim statement
Regional Observer Mission arrival statement
Regional Observer Mission statement
EISA Election Update No 1 2007 [PDF]

Matlosa, K & Shale, V 2006, Impact of Floor Crossing on Party Systems and Representative Democracy: The case of Lesotho [PDF document], EISA.


Election results
Women's representation in the National Assembly
Conflict over seat allocation
International election observer missions
Parties contesting the election

2005 Local government elections

Voter turnout 2005

COMMONWEALTH EXPERT TEAM 2005 Lesotho Local Government Elections 30 April 2005: Report, [www] http://www.thecommonwealth.org/document/39079/152078/144063/ lesotho_local_government_elections.htm [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

2002 National Assembly election

Election results
International observer missions

Lesotho Election Updates 2002 No 1 and 2

DA SILVA, V 2001 Electoral reform in Lesotho.
ELKIT, J 2000 The future electoral system in Lesotho.
FORD, H 2002 Election technology helps to preserve stability in Lesotho, 4 December.
LANGA, P 2002 Keynote address for the roundtable meeting of Intra-party Democracy.
LETUKA, P, MAPETLA, M & MATASHANE-MARITE, K 2004 Gender and Elections in Lesotho: Perspectives on the 2002 elections" [PDF], EISA Research Report 4.
MAKOA, FK 2004 "Electoral Reform and Political Stability in Lesotho", African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 4(2), [www] http://kms1.isn.ethz.ch/serviceengine/Files/ISN/98102/ichaptersection_singledocument/A585409F-D487-4F54-A01C-A580E31A806F/en/Chapter4.pdf [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).
MOTTIAR, S 2002, Lesotho Elections 2002: The Independent Electoral Commission

1998 National Assembly election

Split in the ruling party and its aftermath
1998 National Assembly
1998 Representation of women: National Assembly

1993 National Assembly election

The restoration of electoral democracy since 1991
Election results

One part and military rule

Authoritarian rule, 1970-1991
1970 National Assembly election results

Towards independence

Emergence of political parties and leaders
Restoration of Lesotho's independence
1965 National Assembly election results