Madagascar: Women's representation quotas

Updated June 2010

According to the EISA Field Office in Madagascar (2008) the issue of women's representation has not hitherto been a matter of concern. No legal quotas have been adopted on any level, nor have any political parties embraced voluntary quotas for women's representation in elective bodies or for internal party leadership positions.

After the 2007 election women's representation in the National Assembly stood at 9.45%, an improvement on the 3.75% attained in 2002 and 8% in 1998 (see Women's representation in the National Assembly). After joining the Southern African Development Community the government adopted the objective of ensuring a 30% representation of women in Parliament, though it is unclear how this is to be achieved. Improving the representation of women in Madagascar is a major aspect of EISA's work in Madagascar.


EISA Field Office in Madagascar 2008.