interim statement
EISA Observer Mission to the 2004 Mozambican Presidential and Parliamentary Elections (continued)

8. Recommendations

8.1 National Election Commission

The mission recommends that the people of Mozambique consider reviewing the nature and composition of their commission in order to ensure further independence and increase public confidence in the CNE. After ten years of democracy and political stability, Mozambique should move towards a more inclusive and independent electoral commission.

8.2 Voters' Rolls

STAE should consolidate and update the different voters' rolls in use. The Secretariat should consider conducting registration on a continuous and regular basis.

8.3 Counting

Every effort should be made to ensure that the counting process is as simple as possible and that the staff is trained to be more familiar with the counting procedures.

8.4. Transmission, Tabulation and Announcement of Results

The commission should review its current practice in regard to the transmission, tabulation and announcement of results, with a view to expediting the final announcement of the results.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, the EISA Election Observer Mission as of today (4 December 2004) is largely satisfied that the process of voting and counting so far meets the standards enshrined in the Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation in the SADC Region (PEMMO).

Dr. Brigalia H. Bam, Mission Leader
Mr. Denis Kadima, Deputy Mission Leader