Mozambique: 2009 Assembly of the Republic election results by constituency

Updated January 2010

The election was held on 28 October 2009. The results were confirmed by the Constitutional Council on 27 December 2009.

Proportional representation is used to allocate seats in the Assembly of the Republic and Mozambique uses 13 constituencies to elect the members through party lists for each constituency (Law 7/2007, 128, 158, 159.1.). The 10 provinces and the city of Maputo return a total of 248 MPs; the number of seats allocated to each of these constituencies is determined afresh by the CNE for each election and is based on the proportion of voters registered in each. Expatriates in Europe and Africa return 1 member each.


LAW 7/2007 of 26 February (governs election of the President and the National Assembly).
For Portuguese see: Lei no 7/2007, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 9 Mar 2010).