Mozambique: Government Members

Updated Novemeber 2012

As of 8 October 2012

President: Armando Emílio Guebuza

Prime Minister : Alberto Clementino António Vaquina

Minister of Finance, Manuel Chang

Minister of Planning and Development: Aiúba Cuereneia

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Oldemiro Marques Júlio Baloi

Minister of National Defence: Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

Minister of the Interior: Alberto Ricardo Mondlane

Minister of Agriculture: José Condugua António Pacheco

Minister of Environmental Action Coordination: Alcinda António De Abreu

Minister of Mineral Resources: Esperança Laurinda Francisco Nhiuane Bias

Minister of Public Works and Housing: Cadmiel Feliane Muthemba

Minister of Tourism: Carvalho Muária

Minister in the Presidency for Social Affairs: Feliciano Salomão Gundana

Minister in the Presidency for Civil Affairs: António Correia Fernandes Sumbana

Minister of State Administration: Carmelita Rita Namashulua

Minister of Youth and Sport: Fernando Sumbana Júnior

Minister of Energy, Salvador Namburete

Minister of Labour: Maria Helena Taipo

Minister of the Civil Service: Vitória Dias Diogo

Minister of Transport and Communications: Paulo Francisco Zucula

Minister of Justice: Maria Benvinda Delfina Levi

Minister in the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs, Autonomy and Provincial Assemblies: Adelaide Anchia Amurane

Minister of Fisheries: Victor Manuel Borges

Minister of Veterans: Mateus Óscar Kida

Minister of Culture: Armando Artur João

Minister of Women and Social Affairs: Iolanda Maria Pedro Campos Cintura

Minister of Health: Alexandre Lourenço Jaime Manguele

Minister of Industry and Commerce: Armando Inroga

Minister of Education: Augusto Jone Luís

Minister of Science and Technology: Louis Augusto Mutomene Pelembe



"Membros do Conselho de Ministros", [opens new window] (accessed 22 Nov 2012).

Official state websites

Government web site: [opens new window] (accessed 22 Nov 2012).
Presidential web site: [opens new window] (accessed 22 Nov 2012).
Constitutional Council: [opens new window] (accessed 22 Nov 2012).