Namibia: Unregistered and defunct parties

Updated November 2009

Unregistered party

Party Leaders Founded Note
United Democratic Party Mishake Muyongo (exile) September 1985 The United Democratic Party advocates the secession of the Caprivi from Namibia. Party leader Mishake Muyongo is in exile in Denmark and key party members have been granted refugee status in Botswana

Defunct parties

Parties ordered by date of founding and alphabetically. The following list is not definitive, but includes only the main parties encountered in the literature on Namibian political parties.

Party Remarks
National Party of SWA (NP) Founded 1926, dissolved in 1991 to form ACN
Caprivi African National Union Founded 1962, merged with SWAPO
Namibia National Front (NNF) Founded 1977
Coalition of SWANU and other parties and political groups, disintegrated after 1989
SWAPO-Democrats Leaders: Andreas Shipanga, Emil Appolus
Founded 1978, dissolved 1989
Communist Party of Namibia Leader: Rirua Karihangana
Founded Oct 1981; merged with United Democratic Front in 1989
Namibia National Democratic Party (NND)P Leader: Paul Helmuth
Founded Feb 1989; deregistered by 2009
Aksie Christelik Nationaal (ACN) Leader: Jan De Wet
Founded 1989 as a coalition of NP and the DB, disintegrated after founding of MAG in 1994
Christian Democratic Action for Social Justice (CDA) Leader: Peter Kalangula (retired 1989)
Founded 1982; disintegrated after 1989
Federal Convention of Namibia (FCN) Leaders: Kephes Conradie, Kaptein Johannes Gerard Adolph Diergaardt (d 1998)
Founded 1989; deregistered by 2009
Democratic Coalition of Namibia (DCN)
Did not contest 2004 election
Leader: Moses Katjiuonga
Founded 1994; deregistered by 2009
National Patriotic Front (NPF) Dissolved 1994 to form the DCN with the German Union
Deutchesbund (DB)
German Union, Sometimes German League
Dissolved 1994 to form the DCN with the NPF in 1994