South African local government election 2000: North West

Updated October 2002

The following tables indicate the election results for Category A (metropolitan councils), Category B (local councils) and Category C (district councils) according to political party seats and overall voter support for the party.

Notes on table

Read the table below with the following provisions:

  • The source of data is the IEC. Errors may be present in the tables - for official results contact the IEC.
  • Data is aggregated by province and category so percentages may not be perfectly reconciled.
  • Not all seats or parties are included - some smaller party and independent candidate representatives amounting to less than 1% support and a handful of seats are not included in these tables.
  • District councils are elected on the basis of 40% party lists - these are figures indicated under each party in the district council row. However, the total number of district council seats indicated in the tables includes the 40% PR AND the 60% seats appointed from local councils - a seat allocation process that takes place AFTER the elections. For example, in the Eastern Cape a total of 101 elected district council seats (of a total of 241) are indicated, a figure that is approximately 41% of the total number of district council seats.
Council type Seats / % Votes by party
Local Councils 649 469 75 7 88 7
District councils 150 45 7 1 8 0
Total seats 799 514

North West province is the support base for Lucas Mangope's United Christian Democratic Party. The former Bophuthatswana homeland leader has built a small power base in the province, winning 96 seats for second place in the province. The UCDP won most of its seats in three councils - 24 seats in Mafikeng, 11 in Zeerust and 11 in Mogwase - and a handful of seats in councils elsewhere in the province. Otherwise, as in most of the country, the ANC overwhelmed opposition parties, winning nearly 70% of the vote.