South Africa: Expatriate voting 2009

Updated April 2009

Constitutional Court judgement: [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

South Africa: Voting for (registered) South African expatriates: Step-by-step guide

1. Find your Identity Documents: You need both your green bar coded ID book and your passport to vote.

2. Check if you are a registered voter (IEC "Am I registered?", [www] [opens new window, accessed 16 Mar 2009]).

3. Find your nearest diplomatic mission (Department of Foreign Affairs "Web sites of SA Missions", [www] [opens new window, accessed 16 Mar 2009]).

4. Download the VEC 10 form (IEC "VEC 10" [PDF document, opens new window, accessed 16 Mar 2009]).

5. Fill in V10 form and submit by 27 Mar 2009.

  • Include covering letter (1 sentence) saying that you intend voting and where you intend voting.
  • E-mail to or fax to +2712-428-5566/428-5279.

6. 15 April 2009: Take ID book and passport to diplomatic mission and vote.