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Ballot boxes after close of voting await unsealing and counting while ZEC officials prepare the locale, 30 July 2018

2018 Harmonised Elections


Presidential results
ZESN's SBO presidential results projections
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Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network:
Sample-based presidential results projections

ZESN's Sample-based observation presidential results projection, 3 Aug 2018
ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL SUPPORT NETWORK 2018 "ZESN’s Presidential Results Projection from Sample-Based Observation", 3 Aug, 3, [www] http://www.zesn.org.zw/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ZESN%E2%80%99s-Presidential-Results-Projection-from-Sample-Based-Observation.pdf (accessed 7 Aug 2018).

Women vote at a women staffed polling station, 30 July 2018

Facts and analysis

Free for All but Not Free for 52% : A Feminist Analysis of Zimbabwe's 30 July 2018 Harmonized Election, AfricaKontact, 2018 (accessed 7 Mar 2019)
Rethinking women's political participation in Zimbabwe's elections, Antonetta Hamandishe, Africa Portal, 27 Jul 2018 (accessed 24 Jul 2018)
Tensions Rise Ahead of Zimbabwe’s Elections, Piers Pigou, International Crisis Group, 27 Jul 2018 (accessed 24 Jul 2018)
Postal Voting, Election Watch 31/2018, 16 July 2018
What does the future hold under new leadership?, Ronak Gopaldas, SAIIA, July 2018
Factsheet [The Role of Observers], Nelson Banya & Cris Chinaka, ZimFact, 27 Jun 2018

Polling station interior, 30 Jul 2018 Zimbabwe election day queue, 30 Jul 2018 ZEC's first press briefing on election day, 30 Jul 2018 ZEC's results centre set up for the 2018 Harmonised Elections

2013 Harmonised Elections


Presidential results
National Assembly results
Election observer mission statements
Presidential candidates
Parties contesting the election
National Assembly constituency candidates: "National Assembly Election 31st July, 2013: Nomination Court Results", Government Gazette Vol XCI No 54, 5 Jul 2013, [www] http://www.kubatana.net/docs/elec/gazette_candidates_130705.pdf [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 16 Jul 2013).

Elections schedule

Nomination day 28 June for presidential, parliamentary and local authorities (includes submission of party lists of Senate candidates).
Polling day 31 July.
Run-off Presidential election, if is needed, 11 September.
Election of Senator Chiefs 2 August, by provincial assemblies of chiefs.

2013 Constitutional referendum


Election observer mission statements:

2008 Presidential, House of Assembly & Senate Elections

Statement of support for national & international election observation in Zimbabwe
Carter Center & EISA, 23 May 2008.

EISA documents

Election resources

2005 Elections

Senate 2005

Senate election national results
Senate election provincial results
Results by constituency [PDF document]

Senate reconstitution and composition

CHIRORO, B 2005 Apathy, Fatigue, or Boycott? An Analysis of the 2005 Zimbabwe Senate Elections [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 38.

ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL SUPPORT NETWORK 2005, Preliminary statement for the Senate elections and Gutu North Parliamentary by-election [PDF document]

voter turnout 1980 - 2005

House of Assembly 2005

National election results
Results by province - percentage of vote
Constituency results - by votes cast
Constituency results - by percentage of vote

EISA Not Observing Zimbabwean Elections
International statements
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Pre-election analysis and debate

CHIRORO, B 2005, ABSTRACT: Persistent Inequalities: Women and Electoral Politics in the Zimbabwe Elections in 2005.
KAGWAJA, P 2005 When the Locusts Ate: Zimbabwe's March 2005 Elections [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 32.
MBAYA, S 2005, Securing the female electorate extract from "Zimbabwe's Land Politics and the 2005 Elections" IN Journal of African Elections 4(2).
OLALEYE, W 2005 Negotiating the Impasse: Challenges and Prospects for Democratisation in Zimbabwe [PDF document], EISA Research Report No 9.

Zimbabwe Election Updates 2005

2002 Presidential

Election results
Observer missions
International statements on Zimbabwe

O'DONOVAN, M 2003 Zimbabwe's Democracy: quantifying the impact of electoral maladministration [PDF document], EISA Democracy seminar series papers No 5.
Pre-election analysis and debate

2000 House of Assembly

2000 General Elections
National election results
Provincial results
Women in parliament 1995 - 2002
The role of women in the 2000 Zimbabwe election
Observer missions
2000 Delimitation report

VENTER, D 2005, Zimbabwe before and after the June 2000 elections

EISA Zimbabwe Election Updates 2000

2000 Referendum


POTTIE, D 2000 Constitutional Referendum in Zimbabwe IN EISA Zimbabwe Election Update 2000, 1, 5 June, 7-8.

1996 Presidential

1996 Presidential Elections
Presidential results

1995 House of Assembly

1995 General Elections
House of Assembly results

1990 House of Assembly and presidential

1990 General Elections
House of Assembly results
Presidential results

1985 House of Assembly

1985 General Elections
House of Assembly results

1980 House of Assembly

1980 Elections
House of Assembly results